Casual Session included in Wedding Coverage

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We always include a casual session with our wedding coverage. Even though we don’t always have the opportunity to meet some of our destination wedding couples until the week before the wedding we still encourage them to do so because we feel it’s a no brainer to become familiar with each other before the flurry and excitement of the wedding day. Our couples are more relaxed in front of the camera which makes the pictures! It’s not easy being photographed but I think our clients are at ease once they see our attention to detail and our easy going personalities. No template wedding coverage from us! We tell their story, their way..  

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Carmel Mission / Monterey Hyatt

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Very fun couple!  Beautiful wedding at the Carmel Mission, stopped off for pizza and then on to the Monterey Hyatt for their celebration!

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Monterey Beach House Wedding

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Love those beach weddings!  

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Perry House Wedding

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Always a fairy tale wedding at the Perry House in Monterey!  

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Pasadera Wedding

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Another great wedding at Pasadera’s Nicklaus Club. Thank you Jessica & Chris for having us cover your beautiful day!  

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Beach Party Fun

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It’s always a blast covering corporate beach parties with Kelley the Beachcomber at Monterey’s Del Monte Beach House.  We had to try out Kelley’s new LED hula-hoops.  George on the camera of course!

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